Our and your bed in the Argentina Valley

The idea to produce our own fruit and vegetables to submit to the careful judgment of our customers, came about seventy years ago, to our beloved grandfather Tunin. His aim was simply the possibility to find daily season fresh vegetables at a competitive price. Quality, practicality and economy. From the beginning he realized that it was a great way to go.

Thanks to a farsighted decision, combined with the strong desire to get involved in the first person, grandfather Tunin through his hopes, quietly addressed us into the future, influencing in a rural way our life expectancy. Even today, the dishes that we propose are often regulated by the gifts, but especially the "time" of Mother Earth. A zero kilometers philosophy, which has its roots very far. Currently, the farm plays a key role in business, but also cultural philosophy of our family. We produce with hard labour, most of the firstling. both vegetables or flavoury fruit. From the characteristic "terraced vineyards" of the estate of Meregone, we produce Ormeasco of Pornassio doc, which you will find every day, red and fresh, on your table. We offer an excellent extra virgin olive oil taggiasca, mechanically cold pressed, from freshly picked olives in our olive groves. From orchards, besides fresh fruit, homemade jams come, which colour Andrea’ tarts, and sweeten your breakfast each morning. The wise direction of "boss" Augusto, has expanded and made essential the agricultural dominant of our work, harmonizing the hopes of his father, to give to us and to you, the fruits of his labours. Well ... Grandfather Augustus makes us deliver intact, the simple and authentic flavours of the garden, of ...uh... Grandma!

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